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Lucite Chairs


With the bad rap that plastic is getting these days, who would’ve thought that it would still be something that can be used to create adorable and valuable things, such as trendy lucite chairs?


There are varieties of uses that lucite can offer. One of which is to create lucite chairs, whether they be folding chairs, dining chairs or another type.


If you think that a lucite chair can’t carry your entire weight since it’s a form of plastic, then you might want to think again and see for yourself.


We are often driven to the conclusion that plastics are nothing but waste contributors that can cause the ozone layer to deplete.

What many people do not realize is that there are many kinds of plastic that we are currently using for our day to day activities.


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The plastic used for grocery bags and packaging is just one type of plastic. This type of plastic is made from polyethylene. Other products that you can see that are made from plastic range from water bottles to cups to storage containers and even furniture. 


Furniture made from plastic is not as tacky and as fragile as the type of material implies. The plastic used to craft durable and elegant furniture is called poly (methyl methacrylate) or PMMA. More simply, it is known as acrylic glass or lucite. Lucite is a strong form of plastic that is often used to replace the functions of glass; it also competing with polycarbonate.


Lucite folding chairs are really getting much attention from home and business owners these days. With all the attention centered to the product one could possible think that they go easy on anyone’s pocket. These chairs may offer crystal clear images but they also come at a pricey tag. 


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Ghost chair is a type of lucite chair that goes by its name - nothing to show. Ghost chairs are made with clear plastics all over with no metal, wooden or colored plastic parts. With its design and feature, one may find it invisible after a quick glimpse. It can cost a hefty $375 for a designer ghost chair. Cheaper models of this type sell for about $249 to $320 depending on the design and amount of actual material used. Despite the price difference, it is still a bit pricey.


For home owners who want to go frugal and wise on their budget, there are lucite dining and folding chairs that are combined with metal or chrome parts. These types are priced with a lower price tag yet provide the same convenience and beauty. Expect to spend a little below $200 for these chairs. 


Apart from the ghost chair, lucite chairs actually come in all shapes and colors. There are retro-looking clear finish lucite chairs with chrome legs. This kind can also come in cobalt and plum finishes. Other colors available are red and grey. 



The lucite folding chair is another design that continues to attract the eyes of home decoration experts. This type has chrome frames with lucite seat and back. This kind comes in all sorts of finishes like black, silver, red, and green. 


When you buy these chairs online, remember that you will not be able to test out the sturdiness and strength of the chairs. You are limited to reading reviews and customer feedback about a certain brand. Be sure to read these to cloud some ideas on what to expect from your choice.  


Also, don’t forget to do your own research. Lucite chairs can be kind of pricey so you have to be sure you are getting value for your money. If you opt against the lucite chairs, feel free to check out other plastic chair options, many of which come at a greatly reduced price. 


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